Entry #1080
6:57 PM, September 26th 2010:
Wait, what is this? Is this entry devoid of any massive emotional baggage? Devoid of any diatribes about "The Journey" and all it entails? That hardened road of despair? Is this just... about a fun hike and a fun party?
This project has always been about documenting what changes my character, and this year - just having fun is about as character changing as you can get. Meeting new people, giggling at the colorfulness around you and being carefree 'cause you know the planet is spinnin' in your direction at the moment. Good times.
So it's "Palmolive"'s 29th birthday week and she is certainly going all out. I wanna go to Disneyland! Come with me! I wanna hike Echo Mountain! Come with me! I'm throwing a birthday/costume party! Be Indy! Let's take old-time photos at Knotts Berry Farm! Ha. This really is a ridiculous way to start a relationship considering this period is ALREADY fun. I'm reminded of the line from "When Harry Met Sally" about not taking someone to the airport at the beginning of a relationship. "Why don't you ever take me to the airport anymore?" Heh. What's cool though, is that what really excites both of us? Is working together. I think we both believe that what we will create and produce in the coming months will be far more exciting than this week. No, this week has just been fun. Unadulterated fun. After Disneyland, a hike...
To anyone living in LA, completely burnt out by how many damn people there are? You need to find some trails. Find your own "Journey Mountain" and escape, because California is pretty gorgeous. And these trails are everywhere. This one in particular leads to the Echo Mountain Resort Ruins where from 1893-1936 a cable car transported the rich folks up to fun and frolic.

Now of course, there's just remnants of what was there after a fire - but it's pretty cool to see it all strewn about...


Cool, right? I dig old stuff like this. And who knew? It's located in FALL. Somehow, though it rarely hits other parts of LA - Eastern Autumn is located atop a hill in Alta Dena...

Isn't that cool? God I love Fall. And man, would CeBe ever have a BLAST back east...
For a second I actually thought she would pull this off...
Alas, no.
Ooh, ooh! And there's this "Echo Phone" that seriously has at least a 2 second delay...
..as it echos off a mountain across the valley which I'm sure annoys the living shit out of some poor bastard that bought a house there. HAAAAAAAAA. The realtor doesn't tell you THAT pieec of info on the walk through. :-)
And then it was time for... "Palmolive"'s birthday/costume party! Enter, fun video:
Haaaaaaaaaaa. First, that poor bastard wanted that one-egg pan so bad he was hiding it in his coat.
I'm such a prick. I stay back with my camera until the very end of the gift exchange and then jump up and steal the coolest under $5 gift there. I mean, I don't know what the hell I'm gonna do with that pan - but I gurantee it will make its way into a funny Journey video. Of course, one dude stole the night, and alas, it was not Indy...

Brian the waiter. Oh my sweet jesus was this guy perfect as that ANNOYING PRICK waiter? Could there be a more relatable character? Ever since some waiter called me "Hey Guy!" about 27 times at a Chili's I have abhored this type of waiter. And they NAILED it in this movie thanks to Mr. Todd Duffey whom "Palmolive" represents.

Of course the best part is that he totally plays along and dresses up like the guy and watches the hilarity ensue when people look at him and think:  "Fuck that guy looks like the guy..." as I got in the video. And what a genuinely cool guy who has done all sorts of cool things but of course happens to be in one of the biggest cult classics of our generation. I love that he just runs with it. It's the one thing I learned from Michele Greene who was best remembered for her role on LA Law... she's incredibly talented and works constantly... it just happens to be that one of the things she did "blew up" when she was in her early 20s. It's not a curse, it's a blessing. I remember seeing the guy who played the young Tom Hanks in Big a few years back, and he was just such an absolute prick because I didn't know what else he was in. You just shake your head and walk away. I hope Todd realizes how much respect people have that he is so willing to be a goof ball. Which of course meant we had to play around...
Heh. Too funny. What a cool cat.
So, whew. What happens next? Well I can tell you that an enormous amount of work happens next. I have a million things ahead of me to get done and get rolling 'cause as I mentioned before a nice part of this convergence with "Palmolive" is producing a shitload of things and slowly taking over the world. But what a fun week to start things off?
Smile. Smile. Smile.
PS - Jesus, too much fun for one entry. Forgot about Knott's Berry Farm:
One of these days we'll get back to real life. :)