Entry #1073
12:23 PM, August 23rd 2010:
14 might be the most uncool age of your life. Exhibit A:
<shakes head>
I know Dwayne Wayne wore them on "A Different World" but why did I ever think this looked cool?

20 years ago, the summer before I entered high school, I wrote this short film and proceeded to cement into history how remarkably uncool I was at 14. It's stunning really. Every single frame of this thing is embarrassing to me. Ha. Whereas the "stealing dad's car" back when I was 9 was cute? This makes my skin crawl. But I would be hard pressed to act like it wasn't me at the time. Oh and I take back the every frame embarrassing line 'cause I still think this was cool...


I actually throw off my jacket and jump that fence like I'm gonna beat the fuck out of that kid. Ha. That's the only part in the entire video that comes off well to me. Everything else reminds me of constant miscommunication with my dad trying to explain how I wanted to stage stuff (because I had no idea how to write a screenplay and even less of an idea how to communicate with my dad who was a gigantic role model) and of course, that we're all complete dorks.


Brendan Murphy wasn't though. He was that kid in school that bucked the dorky trend for sure. The girls lovvvvvvvvvvved Brendan. He always seemed older than everyone else in class and had the stylin' haircut and cool clothes - was tall. I fucking hated Brendan for the longest time because of this. Well, that's more because he got Katie Frye, and I didn't (this was in 6th grade mind you). I wanted desperately to have a girlfriend and was clearly too dorky to get one.


By this point we were friends and I caught up in the cool department at some point in high school, so we were better able to relate. ;) Remember "the bet" Brendan? Still reminding you that I won that. Ha. I've kept in touch with him more than anyone in this video the past 2 decades. I mentioned him a couple years back for making me realize just how strong I was to withstand the Donna situation and still be upright. Good man, beautiful family and I wish I was closer to them.


Good segue for a "Where Are They Now"... The star of the show however, was clearly Bruce Euans aka "Bad Bud" Stockton. I still laugh out loud at the outtakes remembering how poorly he learned his lines and tried desperately to just ad-lib through the scene. We're Facebook friends and have met a couple times since this, but certainly need to catch up again. Married, no kids...


Aric Shorr and I lost touch for over 15 years and just recently reconnected on Facebook. Married, 2 kids and is a cop who could now beat MY ass fairly good.


Kid on the left is Justin Linnabary who is married and just had his first child. Again, all knowledge through Facebook - we barely spoke once we got into high school. Jeremy Baack on the right is the only person I have had zero contact with since, which is strange considering we were the two biggest Bulls fans in the world and hung out all the time. Funny how that happens...

Man, it just occured to me how "Stand By Me" this entry is. Same age during the video... the summer before you enter high school really is a special time because it really is the line in the sand between childhood and adulthood. It's why you rarely keep in touch with the friends you had then - but as Dreyfuss says in the movie... do you ever have better friends? Clearly you have deeper friendships later, but there's so little baggage in 8th grade. So simple. You could still do "guy things" and actually care more about that than girls. That is eviscerated in high school... and than strangely, right about now? It seems to come back. Usually because everyone is married and they go back to the more balanced period where they want to spend time with guys playing games like... uhm FOUR SQUARE. Ha.
However I am still far more obsessed with girls. I was chasing girls in kindergarten. Goddamn that's bizarre. I guess it's in the blood. And speaking of blood...
Me and dad. Dad playing a reporter... wow - and 20 years later at CBS?
So cool. Man I was heavy during CBS. Grrrrr. Seriously, look at the difference between that and Comedy Central two years later...
And of course the Comedy Central pilot never sees the air. (sigh) One of these days the stars are gonna align. And you wanna know what really fucks with us artists? Wondering what would have happened had I looked like that last picture while I was on CBS for over a year... now do you understand why Hollywood is over-obsessed with looks and weight? It can change the course of your life. <shakes head>
Slick Tracy however was just a sign of things to come. Quite ambitious and in fact the following summer I wrote another film, Second Wind, that was lightyears beyond Slick Tracy - but co-ordinating schedules since none of us drove killed the project. It was totally inspired by Back to The Future 2 with all sorts of trick shots showing two of the same person on screen from "different times"... and, heh, clearly I'm getting that out of my system with The Journey documentary I'm trying to finish (I really have to shoot this thing already). Man, you really are who you're going to be at an early age aren't you. Which means I am still that dork, I just hide it a little better.
PS - Technical info here... this was edited a la the "2 VCR" method back in 1990, which made the running time 30 minutes. Thankfully, I was able to load it and edit it to a more manageable size. And yay for YouTube upping their time limit!