Entry #1072
5:56 PM, August 21st 2010:
Well, at least the video turned out well. (sigh)
So I'm hosting some couch-surfing Germans and I figured an Indiana Jones style drinking contest would be funny. One of the two girls was up for it and the result will probably be enjoyable to watch...
Yay, Indy wins. Of course I stop the video here...
...because what happens after this video is simply not good. I wish someone who knew me was around, because they would've stopped it when I won. 'Cause after that, I took on the second German so add 7 more shots to that total and for whatever reason? I didn't puke. It took nearly another hour until I finally did and by that time I had done serious damage. So much so, that I was drunk (not hungover) until 9pm the following day. It wasn't until yesterday (this happened Wednesday night) that I finally felt hungover. I have no recollection of what happened, though cameras that were rolling but truth be told - it's not funny. It's pathetic, sad, and so fucking dangerous that I'm a little frustrated with myself for even setting it up. My honest thought when setting up the game was that I'd drink about 10 shots and puke. Totally worth it for a funny video in my mind. The reality is frightening and the videos I'm left with are frightening. Shaky visions of my lifeless, shirtless body being carried around by people I don't know, trying to hold my head up... it's like I'm watching True Hollywood Story and these are my last images. It has totally freaked me out.
Now, all that being said - the truth is I did this to make a funny video and that's it. I don't have a drinking problem, never have, and in fact give everyone else around me shit if they go too far. So I have to give myself a bit of a reprieve since the goal was always the short film. That being said, I'm already in a really bad place personally, easily the lowest I've ever been, and to see those visions from someone else's camera? It's so spooky I can't begin to express it. I need some positivity in my life very soon. I'm in trouble.
All Adam-bullshit aside, the couchsurfers did have a blast. Not sure if I've mentioned it in detail recently, but last year when I went around the world, I did so because of couchsurfing.com. A site that is set up like Ebay where members have profile pages and offer their couches to travellers, and request couches if they're travelling. After the visit both people can write on each others' page with feedback. That feedback is super-crucial to both parties because they want to continue using the service, so it's always in everyone's best interest to be the best host or surfer they can be. One bad piece of feedback? And you're DONE on that site. So since I was able to take advantage of it overseas, I've returned the favor a few times and I have to say... it's kind of like a mini-vacation. I love talking to people from other countries. I love the different viewpoints, and honestly - I just like people. I like sharing my story, hearing theirs. I've always been a people person in that respect and it's really nice to be able to help out. That trip last year meant the world to me, and I feel lucky to be able to give other people that same ability.
And believe me, these two couchsurfers will remember this night the rest of their lives. :-) Cemented in Journey history with a head-shaking video that you can't help but watch until the end... because you can't believe we actually keep going.
I'll deal with my own demons later.