Entry #1069
2:52 PM, August 12th 2010:
I'm gonna be hard pressed to make you sit through a whole bunch of randoms without first explaining the video. You'll all just skim to that one anyway, so let's just knock this puppy out.
1) Bro Code Ammendment
Palaur was really my only forray into the sacred unspoken agreement between men about messin' with your buddy's girl. In true Adam fashion I spectacularly destroyed the code in order to "save" the damsel in distress which most likely forced her to waste another 10 years on the guy because of the guilt housed within that drama. I have always felt guilty about it (though he and I weren't truly friends, I did know him just as well) and immediately "grew up" after that played out. Contrary to popular belief I do seek out peace and not drama... I just happen to have a drama compass in my pants that is hard to ignore. :-)
It was with said compass that I flirted online with a Facebook friend who put up a rather breathtaking profile pic. I knew a good friend of mine was "seeing" her, but since he was also married? It never registered as possession. I mean, isn't possession 9/10th of ownership or some shit? Oh, before I forget the woman is also married. So the whole thing is on shaky ground. However, she instantly (and I do mean instantly) copy and pasted my flirting to him (cheating women sure love attention don't they?) and he immediately gave ME shit. SHE'S MY GIRLFRIEND. SHE PUTS THOSE PICS UP FOR ME. I of course gave him shit RIGHT back: "Dude, you're married. And how can you be possessive of another man's wife? Shouldn't THAT guy be the offended party?" I was just poking in jest at this point because I defriended her right away and apologized. I care quite a bit for this friend and have never judged his situation or his choices - and wasn't gonna start now. But it does bring up quite the little debate: Is your mistress off limits? To me? This is laughable at best. Your "social code" went out the window the second you cheated on your wife. Then again, the whole concept of jealousy really is lost on me. I've never had that gene. I've always trusted wholeheartedly and figured if the person I was seeing wants someone else more? Go. In fact - hurry the fuck up and stop wasting my time. I find myself hot shit thank-you-very-much and will find someone who feels accordingly. :-)
Anyway, this was something I actually lost sleep over... which brings me to the apology:
2) I'm sorry I hit on your mistress...
<shaking head> I really have a hard time being sincere with this apology as you can tell. I am truly sorry if I hurt a friend... but that's about all I can muster when it comes to this situation. 'Cause I really do find it ridiculous. Like, sorry 'bout that - I'll hit on your wife next time. !?!?!? Are you INSANE MAN? How? Huh? What? So I now pose the question to those out there (I guarantee this falls completely along female/male lines) to see what you think. 'Cause I AM very respectful of others' relationships and don't want to start ANY shit - but this whole "once your friend's dick has been in it he has ownership" thing just... just baffles me. It's archaic and draconian to me. It's so dismissive of women I'm somehow offended? Christ I must have a vagina in me somewhere. LOL. Alright, enough damage done - I really hope he laughs at this.
3) Bob Conners' Girlfriend
You just have to throw your hands up sometimes at how completely interwoven our lives are. On the second plane ride back from Ohio (Phoenix to LA) I sat next to a woman from Columbus... who dated Bob Fucking Conners decades ago. How is that freaking possible? For those unaware, Bob Conners was (and still is) the "MAN at 610 WTVN. He would be the Andyman equivalent for that station. I was on before him overnights and the transition was always nerve-racking for the 19 year old kid who had no business at a talk radio station. He is a towering man with a booming voice that scared the bejeezus out of me... and then he actually ended up liking me - having me make some bumper music for him - and even did a jokingly singing promo for me (which I later turned into a song that no one believed was actually him). Such a thrill. I ended up playing the promo for his ex-girlfriend to which she just laughed. How small is the world? We talked the entire flight. I really do enjoy connecting with people and hearing their lives.
4) About that other Ohio guy
I had a bunch to say about LeBron, and then with Andyman's passing - all things shifted. I will be saying nothing that hasn't been repeated much more eloquently than I will, but I have to at least my two cents on this as I have been a very vocal fan. Falls into two categories. First up - leaving Cleveland:
I had no problem with him leaving Cleveland. I assumed it would happen. That show however - was a fucking travesty. You don't hold back your decision from your team and the entire city for a nationally televised event - when you're LEAVING the team. You fucking do not. It is about as cruel and heartless as you can possibly be. Having your hometown gather around their TV sets for the big announcement in some audacious spectacle? KNOWING cameras will be in those bars? Fuck you man. Just a big fuck you for holding everyone hostage like that. He should have done a press release and then gone on TV well afterwards to thank his fans in Cleveland and show a little understanding at how much this will crush them. This isn't just any city - this is the heartbreak capital of the sports world. And you just become a bigger dick than Art Modell. How unbelieveable is THAT? And amazingly? That isn't the most disappointing part of the story.
If any of you for a second think Jordan would have joined the Lakers to play with Magic after getting his ass handed to him by the Pistons when he was TWENTY FIVE years old - you clearly haven't the slightest idea what Jordan was about. Or Magic... or Bird for that matter. Even Barkley or Ewing - all of them. You don't JOIN them you COMPETE against them. Hell Kobe was trying to LEAVE the Lakers because of not being the man... and HE WAS RIGHT. To be an upper-echelon player, you are the leader of your team and you win a ring. Period. However, if you're at the end of your career - I get pulling a KG and joining up with the Celts to get a ring. Clyde Drexler did it with the Rockets, Malone tried to do it with the Lakers. It does indeed carry an *asterick when you get a championship like that... but it's acceptable in the minds of most. At 25? Twenty-five? When your team had the best record in the NBA the past two seasons!?!?! 66 WINS? What? You go join Dwayne Wade's team who already has a ring? Huuuuuuuuuuuuuh? talk about killing your own brand in one sentence. I mean killing it. Say goodbye to the big endorsements, the MVPs, anything that has to do with "King James" because you just CHOSE to be a Pippen when you have the skills to be a Jordan. But clearly, LeBron does NOT have the mindset of a leader. Which is so freaking disappointing to me. Soooooooooo disappointing. Of course they'll win a championship together if not multiple titles because they have 2 of the Top 5 players in the league and arguably 3 of the top 10. And players will be lining up to play with them for the league minimum just to ride that wagon... What, the, fuck. One of the bigger pussy moves I've ever witnessed in the NBA. I keep thinking of the big names from the 80s and 90s and how they just simply would never do this. Ever. You can say "well jordan had pippen, and magic had kareem..." BLAH BLAH BLAH. Cleveland won 66 games last freaking year (72 is the all-time record) LeBron had the talent around him. In his defense he had a mediocre coach (which THEY CHANGED), but he should've either stayed in Cleveland or gone to New York or Chicago. Period. A place where you are unequivocally the man and YOU lead the team. Everything he does in Miami will have an asterick now. And I'll say it now: "No way he spends the rest of his career there". No way. This will be broken up sooner than we think.
And I cannot WAIT to root against this team next season. Man is anyone happier than Kobe right now? Do you realize how impressive it will be if he threepeats with the Lakers against THAT stacked team? Ties Jordan's titles by beating a Super-Team? Sheeeeeeeeeeeeit. He will have a case for being the best ever at that point. An argument that needs to STOP BEING ARGUED until he is done. These haters on Kobe (RHETT RHETT RHETT) are pathetic. Let the man finish his remarkable career, and then we'll talk. This from one of the biggest MJ fans in the world.
5) Oh yeah - this was incredible
YouTube recently expanded their time limit to 15 minutes allowing me to only slightly edit my Jordan Documentary from when I met him in 1995 and upload it. I planned on doing it on November 9th (the 15 year anniversary) but figured I'll do it early so people can enjoy it, and then do the anniversary entry in November. People are definitely digging it, and watching it again - it really is extraordinary how rare the footage is. The sounds from the bench are so clear... and it really is just something you do not see very often. I'm extremely proud of the video and believe it or not? No more than 3 or 4 people have ever seen it before this. Isn't that bizarre? I made it, Burgundie and my dad saw it... and seriously? That's it. I put it in a box and never took it out again. <shakes head> I mean, before the internet what were you going to do? Very glad true fans get to enjoy this. And it's so nice to see comments from people that are so positive. Almost everything I do is mixed (as are all things on the internet) but this is universally so exciting for Jordan fans they're nearly shitting themselves when they happen upon it. It really is quite a treasure.
6) Marathon Meltdown
So freaking aggrivated. So I met up with Natilly Boals early in July (mentioned her in 2008 for getting me the tape of my performance at Otterbein back in the day) whom I went to college with and mentioned I wished I had someone to run the marathon with me and she said:  "I've said the exact same thing..." Funny considering she's in a wheelchair, heh, but we have yet to figure out what to call that. We constantly fuck up and say run/walk about everything (you can't imagine how many euphamisms require you to walk). My favorite was "Alright, are you sitting down?" and she would laugh "That I am Adam." (sigh). ANYWAY - obviously has a great sense of humor. So I was set, I came back and started running to see if I could pull it off. I was going to make my choice on July 31st. I told myself if I could easily run 10K ('bout 6 1/2 miles) I would start to train for the full marathon ('bout 4 of those) and I'd run it with her in Columbus on October 17th. Man I went all out. Bought shoes, downloaded training schedules, got all the stretches down... I was really, really serious about it. The day I left to come back for Andyman's funeral I went a bit over 10K (8 miles to be exact) and felt pretty decent. I was way ahead of schedule and my muscles were fine, and cardio-vascularly I was great. I was amazed at how quickly I could do this, considering I was 30 pounds overweight. As the days passed however, it was clear I had done something very bad to my left knee and now a month later? I'm completely screwed. I can't run 20 feet. I haven't the slightest idea what it is, and am just PISSED. 'Cause damnit, everything I could control? I had it. Man, I had it. I can do this. And relatively easily. But you just can't control something that is wrong with your body. Real injury has got to be the most frustrating thing in the world. I mean, I've said this a million times before: I'm not an athlete. I don't have the body/joints for it. I do it cause I'm strong willed - but I hate every second of it. It's the discipline to fight through things you hate that I enjoy. I hate every second of running. I want to stop every single mile... but welcome to The Journey. That's why I do it... or did it. Now? I actually think I need surgery. I mean, I can do little things like four square, even basketball or what not - but the act of actually jogging? That weight-bearing motion? Not even close. It's really bad. I wish I had insurance. :( The one highlight of course is that I'm now able to concentrate on weight loss with my exercise bike. Marathon training is not ideal of weight loss but, since I can't do that? I'll be back down to my fighting weight - right around the beginning of October. Maybe then I'll be able to run? <shakes head> I hate that I can't run that thing in October. DAAAAAAAAAMNIT.
7) Friedman back in TV
Lost in all the craziness in July is that Steve Friedman (the guy that hired me at CBS) is back in TV after a nearly 3 year hiatus. He's the executive producer of the Dylan Ratigan show on MSNBC. I emailed him immediately asking if there was ANYTHING I could do. I would move to NY in a heartbeat. Rent out the house and just GO. I would do almost anything at this point - and I'm really just waiting on his reply to see what the next step would be. His correspondence with me in the past 3 years however has been remarkably sparse and this may just be one of those irons that never gets hot... but my heart certainly skipped a beat when I heard about it. Too bad I'm a month late on the news. :(
8) Ambition: Gone.
Simply put. It's waned all year, but I have none at the moment and haven't this entire year. It frightens me, but I just don't care. I need help. I can't start on my own right now and if something I've created in the past 11 years isn't enough to get me where I'm supposed to be? Then I'm not getting there. 'Cause I am 100% burnt out. It's a very, very scary time for this project and for me personally. I am considering selling everything and running away to another country. At least the journey entries would be good. I know I've said it all year, but it's been so prolonged now that there's no denying that this is the lowest point of this story so far. I need help. I need someone to point me in a direction, because I simply cannot keep running without it. Done. Done. Done.
And you know? 8 it is. Man you know it's bad when I can only pull of 8 randoms. Heh.