Entry #1055
12:01 AM, June 27th, 2010:
Alright, no more tricks, no more "To Be Continued"s... here it is, the finale of FOUR: Season One:

Whew, now you see why I was so excited about the last few episodes? It just ends so well. And believe me, my ass wanted to win that one - and was really pissed when I was knocked out. But of course the ending...
...to this day, JT and even Jefe to a degree felt it was "bullshit". To them I say - that's absolutely part of the game. Re-watching the final game, Jefe played brilliantly and honestly, JT just fucked up. Two places he just made unforced errors that cost him the title. And on the last play, are you kidding? That's the point. If you're a dick the entire series? No one is gonna help you. Part one of the plan was getting Paddy away from JT so he never had any help. It worked to perfection, and Jefe absolutely won that fair and square. It isn't 2-Square... I feel no guilt for not HANDING the ball over to JT to let him SLAM Jefe. Jefe was in A and JT should've paid more attention.
And as the creator/organizer of this whole thing? Oh hell yes. It's what the audience wanted to see and that was completely out of my control. Every single man in that game wanted the title - and it couldn't have ended any better... though again, I really screwed up when it was 30-30 for me and JT, and still want a chance to beat him in Season 2.
Now, Season 2? There is none. And most likely, won't be one. I know exactly what I'd do differently. Exactly how the brackets would be different, exactly how I'd shorten the series... I'm ready. But the bottom line is, it took so many manhours for me, I just can't do it again without it being sponsored. It's now up to the reaction of others to see if anyone WOULD sponsor it... and the chances are slim. It's a TV show, much in the way tennis is televised, and it doesn't work ideally on the internet. C'est la Vie.
I personally couldn't be happier with how it all came out, and I wasn't just making a cute ending when I said "it turned out much better than I thought it would..." It really did. So I can leave the series behind, move onto other things and feel proud of it. I'll deal with how to market it later. Right now I'm glad I don't have to look at it anymore. Heh. 3 months is a longtime to stretch that out especially considering they were all done in March for me. But believe me, I'm not going too far. And those viewing the valley in SPACE realize that...
See that on the right?

You can see my freaking Foursquare Court from SPACE. LMAO. It's pretty much a part of my life, and will be for the forseeable future. We still play every Sunday, and we all want another season. Badly. But again, it's so much work for even a team of people to do. Need money. Hope you all enjoyed the series for free though. Love putting together high quality stuff for people to enjoy. :-)

Alright, I'm done. Congrats Jefe - no matter what, you deserved that. JT should never have let it come down to the last play with your ass in A. Well done sir, well done.