Entry #1053
12:01 AM, June 20th, 2010:

And now? CURSE ME. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Hey, blame JT for being a BITCH about the foot fault. Had it not been for that excursion I probably could've fit this into one video. And speaking of that...
GOT MY ASS ON THE ROOF. Stopping everything, playing it back - SHOWS A FAULT - and his ass STILL bitches. JESUS CHRIST.
But it made for a good episode. So does the every play thing help a bit with the scoring and the rhythm of the game? For me, these plays are as good as it gets (and the conclusion in the next one). It's extremely dramatic, the end is extremely close, and being able to see an entire game like this really works. It's why this is really a 30 minute, ESPN type program. Imagine how they televise tennis... Now throw in the characters, and the tournament bracket... This thing works, man. And it's watching these last few episodes that really shows that. But I've given everything I can to this, and personally can't keep pushing this without someone else picking up the ball and running. Next week, they'll all be up - and at least you can pimp one page, with every episode. I've always felt once that happens, we'll see a bit more viral-ness to it. As you really need to be able to see how it ends...
Back to the episode at hand... realize that this is probably the most competitive moment of my entire life caught on tape. Probably for all of us. We wanted this title. Badly. And with all that being said, with JT being the bitch of all bitches... he still made me laugh. His Michael Jackson moves even in the heat of battle just made me giggle. But it's really just personality differences, I don't tend to be that demonstrative when the heat is on. I tend to hold it in and show it in bursts - which is probably a mistake. I made a bunch of mental errors here because I held it all in and then blew up in the wrong direction. But I'm way ahead of myself... Next week. The conclusion of Season 1! YAHOO!!