Entry #1051
2:40 PM, June 13th, 2010:
You can't fake this shit...

Ouch. I mean, I love the drama, it was always my intention to split up JT & Paddy... but he HAD the first game. And the last one against Jefe and Amy? Are you kidding? You think he wouldn't have taken that game to get into the Championship? Of course he would. Anyone would. I still can't believe Paddy didn't win. He had 4 chances to get in, and lost them all. Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch.
That's the "Golf" angle of Foursquare in all honesty. It's all in your head. This is a game that is 90% fundamentals. You don't have to do crazy stuff to survive. You don't have to be a "JT" to get to the Finals. You may need to to win it all, but in this scenario, had Paddy simply stuck to the fundamentals - he's in the first game. And again, the last game? Man. As I was taping it, I was shaking my head. Watching someone lose like that is a pendulum swing. Once he started going downhill, Jefe stuck to the fundamentals and watched Paddy implode. But man, what a great episode...
...and now we've finally done it. We've arrived at the Final Four. One game for all the marbles. One favorite (JT), one alliances (me & Tyson) and one surprise/sleeper (Jefe). And this time? I'm showing every single play. No more highlights for the internet - this time, I'm showing the entire race to 50 so people can actually feel the pace of the game, and truly get a feel for the "scoring" system. The scoring is so confusing when you just see highlights, but you really feel the rhythm when you watch an entire game.