Entry #1050
1:53 PM, June 10th, 2010:
Reminiscent of 2006 and scouring the 'net for all the sites around the world that picked up Let's Bomb Iran. That however, was a bit more mainstream... as it was over a million hits within a week. I can't seem to get the mainstream internet sites to grab The iPad Comic as I'm afraid it's a bit too much like the iPad Magician dude whose video went up a couple days before mine. Timing is everything, but the "techie" sites are giving the video plenty of love, as well - a tech video podcast in the UK called "Bagel Tech News" asked me to join the crew for their show last week. And you ready for this? He pipes them through Skype into 4 computer monitors, just like 4tvs. How bizarre is THAT. I wore my Cameron hat to blur the lines between Cam & Adam from the skit, and wouldn't you know it? I ended up in the top right screen, which is Cam's home. Shaking my head as I type this. Hard to believe that it's all just a coincidence isn't it? I edited a few moments together for those who are NOT techies, and don't want to watch the hour-long program:
Fun, right? And did any of you catch it? 'Cause no one on the show did... I faux-looked at each TV when they were talking like I do in 4tvs. LMAO. It's so nonchalant, no one even caught on that I was doing it... it just "looks right". After 11 years of 4tvs, this is the useless skill I've acquired. HAHAHA.
Now I mention this from time to time and it bears repeating: This is why The Journey is fun. It's such a nice way to document moments of your life that would most certainly fall by the mental waist-side over the years. When I skim back through my life it's such a quirky little moment that is fun to happen upon. It paints the month of June '10 with a piece of flavor and spice I could never have imagined. It's things like this that make me keep going. Putting up with all the hell I've been through this year is rewarded when randomness like this appears. And speaking of random, I thought I should grab a few of the interesting sites that have highlighted The iPad Comic, starting with one of the nicer articles written on it:
(you can click the pics for links to the story)
Very nice, Eli. Thank you. Humorously, someone picked up on it from this site, and I'm not sure if he's making a joke or not...
Maybe it's just the twisted writer in me, but a good way to slam someone's video is to tell them they should be in radio. LMAO. The link is also: "ipad_ventriloquist_stuff_well_it_is_late", and then - we "thought" it might be amusing. LOL. I kind of dig this type of snarky, just 'cause I tend to be a caustic prick from time to time, but I can't really tell what the tone is. Heh. I do hope the radio show was indeed a slam, 'cause that's damn funny. My hat is off to you, Jonny.
Dick. :-)
We then move onto Germany... ooooh...
And more from The Germans...
And onto Switzerland!
From Switzerland to Sweden!
Loosely translated, that says "An iPad in the hand is better than Ventriloquism". Heh. And to Brazil!
Now that's in Portugese which is when it finally occured to me how bizarre it is that anyone is clicking this because of the language barrier. I know the rest of the world is quite a bit more bilingual that the US, but it still strikes me as an awfully difficult piece to understand if not in your native tongue.
There's a bunch more sites in America that covered it, but they all pretty much parrot The Unofficial Apple Weblog. One site I found though, collected all the Tweets about it, which I thought was really badass:
So cool. No idea why Cast.tv does it, but it continually updates every time anyone on twitter passes on the link. Badass.
I'm just over 18,000 views right now, and will probably get around 25k in time. Unfortunately, as I mentioned above, I juuuuuuuuuuuust missed the breakout "Million-Hitter" as last Monday the iPad magician swept the internets. C'est la vie. I got the iPad the SECOND I got the idea, had it written and shot within days... and you just can't be too bummed. Glad I have some new viewers though, and I'm working on a second one that should surprise everyone. Nice to actually have something "happy" to do. So sick of chronicling the sadness.
Ooh, that's a good point to make now. That is certainly the downside to "reporting" in The Journey. Even when you're like "ENOUGH." and you're ready to move past the bullshit, if bullshit continues? Ya gotta keep chronicling that. So you're slightly at the mercy of life, 'cause you just can't cheat and not represent what's really happening. Not when you've been honest about it for over a decade. Anyway, I mention it 'cause when I wrote "So sick of chronicling the sadness", I could hear the happy-go-lucky crowd saying: "Then be happy!". The Journey, and the upkeep of it, simply doesn't work like that.
But I'm enjoying the hell out of this iPad ride. (...and the iPad btw - just, wow.)