Entry #1049
11:01 PM, May 6th, 2010:
MANNNNNNNNNNNN do I love the last episodes of this show!

SOOOO Good. This was what I had hoped for when I started this. Little alliances, little plans with the other players being unaware. Even as I type this, I can't believe it worked so well - and neither Paddy OR JT had any idea! It seemed so obvious to me and Tyson that the mission should be to break up JT and Paddy... and JT immediately went into "every man for himself" mode. Both Tyson and I had said, early on - that we'd help each other when necessary up to the final game. Then of course, all bets are off. Man it worked to perfection in this show. Now of course, the final 2 spots next week to set-up the Final Four (and as you see from the preview, and abso-fuckin-lute epic meltdown).
Of course, this gets me jonesin' again to do another season tweaking a few things. Winner moving on is so crucial to the drama. That's when the alliances get tested - and people are really, really trying. The elimination games where the bottom 2 (or once Stacey quit, Joe was only the bottom 1) go home? Wrong, wrong, wrong. It kills the balance. However if only the winner moves on, and the bottom 3 are eliminated? It all gets crazy. Now granted, in this first game of the semifinals we "let" JT win, but that was part of a bigger plan. These last 4 games are a slow build to the finale which really is the pinnacle of the series.
However, the whole iPad Comic thing is now completely taking over my online push and hardly anyone is gonna see FOUR, which is to be expected since The iPad Comic helps me and my career an ass-load more than FOUR does. But I'm not giving up on this. Especially after re-watching the end. It's niche, for sure... but once these are all up, I believe it will find a home. Some organization will pick up on it, and want to be part of a second season. Or it'll just be stolen by powers that be and made into something. Heh. They're all bastards I tell ya!
But I'm too busy playing with my iPad to care at the moment.