Entry #1048
5:36 PM, June 3rd, 2010:
Whew. I pulled it off. Now to tell the tale...
So after all that bullshit Friday, I got an email Saturday morning that the store had my iPad waiting? The store told me it'd be weeks and it comes in less than 24 hours. Word. So I'm off to buy my very first Apple product...
...yeah, you read that correctly, not even an iPod. Just 'cause there's gonna be a new influx of Apple Fans reading this, doesn't mean I'm gonna act like I was one of them. I was not however, a "hater". There's nothing wrong with Apple products except the price (which to me is about 90% of the importance of a purchase). And until the iPad? That was the only difference in my mind. I could do what I needed to do on a PC, for an ass-ton cheaper - and with far more power. That being said, macbooks were gorgeous, iPods were incredible, Apple products are just impressive all around. Even the macbook air (which has to take the cake for overpriced/underpowered as I parodied in my video) was an impressive gadget to say the least. But I sure as hell wasn't spending $3000 on it.
But now I'm an owner of an Apple product that at one time I wanted, then saw what it DIDN'T do, and decided to wait for the next generation (wanted the webcam). The price however, impressed the hell out of me. $499 is $300 cheaper than I thought it would be. And I could give two shits about 3G service. When the hell do I leave my house?
This idea however, kept me from being able to wait...and brought me to the first time I felt Apple had something no one else came close to. I know there are other tablets out there, but nothing that looks this good, and is this light and impressive. I had absolutely no other options for this act, which is the main reason I bought it, now that I own it however? Woah. It has barely left my side in 5 days and I can't imagine not having one. Funny isn't it? How something you don't buy 'cause you don't need it, becomes something you would now replace INSTANTLY if anything happened, 'cause it changes your life that much. It's just a perfect gadget to consume media. Period. From books to movies to games to the internet to pictures to music... perfect. Yes I wish it could mutlitask. Yes I wish it had a webcam (and it will). But I'm too busy loving the hell out of it to critique. I never would've bought it without the iPad Comic idea, but now that I did - THANK GOD. So glad I have one.
So I did a bunch of tests, worked with video, saw what I needed to do, and kinda just thought about things for a day or two. And then along came that iPad Magician dude and I immediately wrote to Paddy (with the link) "I need to hurry up". Though we're doing two different acts, it's similar and whereas 4tvs took so much work and know-how to get going I was safe? Not so with the iPad. It won't take long before it's used in a comedic capacity because of just how mobile it is. I knew I had to get this thing DONE.
The bit itself was obvious to write, and in future ones, The Egos will be part of the conversation (2 per side just like old times). And can I just say how therapeutic it is to make fun of yourself? After fighting ad infinitum with Wikipedia about the first vlogger status it's nice to just get out of your head and say: "It's not like you were FIRST IN FLIGHT or anything." 'Cause it really is stupid. I'm the first person to post a video blog. Big fuggin' deal. I've done it for longer than anyone else? Great, I'm clearly insane. Next glowing achievement? LOL. I mean, didn't cure cancer. So being able to write about that is just healing to me. It's a nice mirror to throw up - and it's also nice to let everyone ELSE understand:  I'm not that full of myself. In the end, I know I'm a bit of a clown and will be the first to say it.
And with that, we have the bit:
The hardest part about the bit? The reflection of the lights in the iPad. I actually pulled the timing of it off within 20 minutes, but the tiniest of angles with the iPad picked up a HUGE reflection that completely whited out Cameron. Something you never deal with when your'e doing 4tvs - you set the lights and you're done. Man, not with this. It was absolutely infuriating. Took me well over an hour 'cause I would be in the middle of the conversation, and with my peripheral vision notice CAM had a big white spot on him. Start over. And of course, it starts with a DEADLY cold open that I would NEVER do live. That much dialogue without the TV interfering at the beginning? Impossible. There's a reason I started The Trinitrons with songs. :-) Oh and btw - I attached two handles onto an iPad skin in order to hold it like that. Kinda necessary to pull off the exactness of the moves back and forth. And it really makes it look like an extension of my hand.
And because it's an Apple product? I have a built in audience. And I've already gotten two big Apple Blogs to post it on their site:
And of course, the grandfather of them all, The Unofficial Apple Weblog...
Even without owning an Apple product, I knew of this site. And way to go Jeremiah!! I've known Jeremiah for YEARS (he was actually sitting next to me and Cassi during the first airing of America's Got Talent in 2006 as we watched in disbelief), and he finally has his name in pixel for helpin' out! He's also a bit of a machead, so this has to be quite a thrill for him. :)
I have some ideas for a dew more internet bits with the iPad, but I'm gonna let this simmer for a bit - and work in the other Egos which will unfortunately take a bit longer because I have to do Adam (full goatee) last. During the CBS run, I did him first, and worked my way down facial-hair wise. Make-up and darkening the stubble worked for this bit, but that won't work with Spencer. But I'm ahead of myself here. Just gonna spread this video as much as possible - and see what happens.
Man I feel that excitement again. The idea of knowing you have a good idea, taking the risks and seeing it through. I'll be honest, I really thought that Adam was dead. I'm still not fully there yet, but I'm starting to feel the buzz. As Billy Bob would say? Thank the fuck christ.
PS - I unlocked the "idea" entry from last month. Had it blacked out until I finished the bit. Check it out!