Entry #1031
8:32 PM, April 25th, 2010:
And we come to our first Elimination Show...

I gotta say. Christine was like the black dude in Star Trek. Did you really think she wasn't getting knocked out early? Heh. Robbio however, surprised me - as he was actually a lot better than he played, and fell victim to trying to do too much. You can honestly do quite well by simply "passing the buck" - but often the urge to attack is too much. Can't believe it came down to one point though. Congrats Sebastien.
So after the ranking and first round...

So we jump to Round 2 where there will be 2 games of 5 players each. This means getting knocked out forces you to sit out a play so it's bit more costly scoring-wise. What it also means is that people start to lose their cool. As I've said before - this is where the show hits a stride that sustains throughout.

Damn, I have nothing to say about Episode 5. LOL. Uhm, it's just hard to get amped for it because the action is so slow. I still laugh out loud when JT says "That's her texting me right now..." Uhm. So yeah. Thanks again to Christine and Robbio for participating - they both seemed to have fun. And that's what it's ll about right?
Of course it isn't. Game on.