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5:31 PM, April 24th, 2010:
It's kinda funny that in one entry I upload more than 100 entries of video in 2000 combined in terms of "length". What a difference a decade makes.
So "FOUR" has gotten a bit of press, and I thought I'd share it with ya. This was all over a week ago, but this interview was a bitch to edit - so I'm a bit delayed. First up: Squarefour.org...
I actually mention this in the upcoming interview. This was the site that felt I trivialized the sport, and they were more about community building. (sigh). In a million years it never would've occured to me that die-hard foursquare fans wouldn't LOVE this show. I have no idea why they aren't pimping the ever-lovin' hell out of every episode. I can only imagine to some people they kinda like it "niche". Like they have something special, that would lose something if it were "sold-out"... but again, we're talking about a fucking playground game. It's baffling to me they won't support this. He put the initial episode up last month, but isn't going to spotlight the series past that one blog post. It's too bad, I really think those in the community would love it. I am happy he wrote that one blog, but again - exhausting to get resistance from the exact people you made it for.
A friend on Facebook, Venus, mentioned Dave Monsterburg for the pimpin' the show, and he posted it on what has to be the most constantly updated site I've ever seen. This is, 12 days ago... and it's now on page 33. It's like TMZ on speed.
Though it's cool he pimped it... he killed any chance of people hitting the foursquare link, because he put my demo up first. (sigh) Nice of him all around, but the last thing FOUR is about... is me. Not sure if you've noticed in the first few episodes, but I'm barely in it. I'm trying to find the best stories within it... and honestly, I'm not one of 'em. Gets a bit more interesting later on though... which brings us to the interview... had to break it up into 3 sections:
Part two...
Funny stuff about the stalker... that would've been funny as shit: "And now... here's Chuck!" Heh. Oh and, guess who impersonated me on Wikipedia and asked to get the page back up for deletion? (sigh) I swear to Shizzle Wikipedia is run by buffoons. Though I have to hand it to the stalker, I would never assumed that tactic would work. I mean look at this:
Could you possibly relist my page for further discussion, I would love to not go through the last week again, in fear of losing it. Thanks Adam Kontras 19:28, 23 April 2010 (UTC) —Preceding unsigned comment added by Adam kontras (talk • contribs)
Since you requested it, done. I hope that this discussion will prove a little less... unusual than the previous one. Shimeru (talk) 20:07, 23 April 2010 (UTC)


He changed my username to a lowercase "k" - LMAO. I know I shouldn't give him more attention, but at this point - it's just kinda funny. I've signed in under the real name, explained the situation - and it should be dealt with fairly quickly. However, if it gets taken down now? You have to throw your hands up. Wikipedia's reputation will certainly be deserved if you can blatantly impersonate people and get rewarded for it. Shit, sorry, the last part of the interview - which anyone listening live missed...
Fun times. The crew was great, and the two guys want desperately to come play FOUR at my pad. The woman, Amy Ellen actually did go to Otterbein with me - though I really don't remember too much about her other than her last name vaguely rang a bell. That's what happens when you're a commuting student with a fiancee. My College days were all about... WTVN, and I had zero college life as I was so busy with selling my first 2nd tape, making my first CD and obviously my talk show on WTVN. Was great that she asked me to be on the show though. Even if no one ever hears it, I really like having little interviews scattered throughout The Journey. Just like the WTVN one from last year - it's a nice little moment... seen through someone else's eyes.
As far as FOUR is concerned though... again, I really need a legitimately big site to cover that first video. I'm getting subscribers here and there... so it's working slowly but surely - but a huge 10,000 hit infusion to that first video should get some momentum rolling. I'm just happy those that are following it are enjoying it, and I'm glad we're finally getting to the meat of the show once the first two people are eliminated tomorrow. It really does progressively get more and more interesting.
PS - everything with Daniel got pushed until May as he's on the America's Got Talent auditions in NY/Chicago. I'll update all the career irons in the fire then. Alas, most of them have vanished - like half of this fuggin' year...