Entry #1028
10:57 PM, April 18th, 2010:
Are we really to the end of the first round?

Hopefully by this point everyone "gets" the rhythm of the games, and is starting to grasp the addiction. We're not to the really competitive games yet but you should definitely see where this is heading as the more skilled players make their way through. At this point, it's all about characters and even though he's seen more as JT's wingman... Paddy is his own character for sure:
Paddy has a famously bad temper, much in the way that JT does - but his size is a drastically different vehicle for that anger. And unfortunately for him (fortunately for us though) four square really is equal parts finesse and power so it can be quite frustrating for him. Paddy is, as he said in his introduction, all brute force. And believe me, when things line up right? He'll take you out and there's absolutely nothing you can do. He's really the only guy in the entire tournament that can literally force those putting the show together to change the rules. The "redo" when the ball goes "out-of-play" rule? We had no choice to put it in, because Paddy would constantly hit it over the wall. On the playground? He would be nearly unstoppable, however we have to work within our environment so rules had to be modified.
But goddamn did he test those rules. Whereas JT just tests your patience, Paddy pushes the letter of the law at every turn. His "underhand" turns into spearing the ball, while "technically" palms up, or RIGHT on the line between over/under. You get hit with it, and you assume it must be overhand, but on replay - nope, it's "technically" underhand.
Watch closely and you'll notice that often time he uses his thumbs over the ball, while his hand is palms up. It's the essence of Paddy to say "OK, these are the rules? How 'bout THIS?" Now do you see why it took months of playing and arguing before we could even attempt this show?
But that's why it works for me, everyone is unique.
Even more than just uniquities in personality, I find it fascinating how every single person hits the ball different. Isn't that bizarre? I guess it's like the way people shoot a basket, but it's so wild how people choose to attack the same red ball with the same rules... in completely different ways. Like, I think Paddy is crazy to "spear" the ball as you lose control hitting it with the tips of your fingers... but he rocks the house at it. To each his own.
Alright, so we're finally in the swing of things, a ranking and official first round in the books, and next week we eliminate our first contestants. Can't wait. Oh and this week I had an interview on an internet radio station that focused on FOUR among other things, and I'll throw that together this week. Little by little, people are paying attention. Need a lot more though...