Entry #1026
12:01 AM, April 11th, 2010:
And the series officially starts, with the introduction of the star...

This is the second, and final "merge" of the series. These were initially two episodes, but because they were thematically identical, I decided to combine them. It makes it an overly-long episode at 7 1/2 minutes but the remainder of the episodes (11) are around 5 1/2 minutes. I'm constantly torn between trying to make it quick for internet viewing, but also giving the rhythm of the game. However in these early shows it has little to do with competition, and everything to do with character development - and nothing shows that better than "Beauty & The Dick".

A logo is born. The Jerry West of our show. I mentioned this last year about JT when I uploaded a few plays and he was arguing as if his life depended on it... he's not playing it up for the cameras. He bitches no matter what the situation, no matter what the stakes - trying desperately to not only win, but annoy the ever-lovin' hell out of the other players. He revels in being the dick. He revels in knowing everyone hates him. And because he has an alliance with Paddy when they play? He covers his bases. 'Cause in the end, this game is a constantly shifting strategy of helping and attacking each other as you try to get the lead. But make no mistake, he indeed takes the role of "bad guy" in this tournament. He's also incredibly talented... and knows it.

Stacey however <rolling eyes> is incredibly... Stacey. And perfect fodder for JT. Throw "sexist-pig" into the mix for his "character" and you can't help but laugh. It's schizophrenic for me 'cause he drives me insane as a competitor, and as the creator... but as a viewer, I just laugh and laugh.
On the marketing push for everything, it's pretty clear that I need at least one good sized news article online to push people to Episode #1. The good thing is that there really isn't a time limit on this. I can totally see this getting more exposure once all of the episodes are uploaded this summer and people being able to view it all on 4tvs.com in one sitting. I've written to ESPN and at least made it through the "gate keeper" as they passed it higher up. I'm actually just looking for coverage on their site, not a pitch for a show. Unfortunately I've picked a niche area (story of my life) that will be very, very difficult to get mainstream coverage on. It's funny, it's kinda like the Egos. If given the chance? I think that Comedy Central pilot would get the attention of critics used to the normal fare on TV... and gain momentum. But they can't take a chance like that on an unknown. Same with this. If introduced to people, there is an interest. The game really is interesting and with multiple angles (much more than in this show) it can be really exciting to watch on TV. But how does it start? A good agent, good connections, a good pitch and of course a viral push (100,000+ views on the entire series) just might do it.
This is an uphill struggle. It is indeed a longshot... but I really am attracted to things that no one has ever done before. It means I will struggle to be successful because rarely is uniqueness celebrated as much as the status quo... but I just can't wrap my heart around the status quo. There's no fire in it for me. Heh, what a catch-22 when you think about it. The thing that is the most important to me is in direct opposition to mainstream success.
Sounds like a recipe for a lifetime of close calls, doesn't it?