Entry #1023
12:01 AM, April 4th, 2010:
Finally, a real episode...

As I mentioned in the last entry this entire series is really 4 half hour episodes for TV... but, clearly that's not very internet friendly. So it does kinda mess with the rhythm of everything. Ideally, when you happen upon the site, you are able to run through 7 or 8 episodes. That will give you a good feel for how it will work, and have you anticipating the next one. I'm not so sure that happens on this first real episode. And in actuality, this was Episode 2 and 3, but I merged them together so we could get to the meat of the series sooner. Most episodes are 5 minutes.
The 3D pyramid was one of those things you think of and jump with joy, and 75 hours later wish you had never thought of. Although by the end, I did find enough short cuts to be able to pull off each transition in around 2 hours... there's still 38 transitions in the series. You do the math. Most of the time when you see transitions like this, they're a form of "plug-in" already loaded into the program. Well, not here folks. It was just painstaking animation for things most people won't even notice (ie the flying squares change as they zoom to the next level with scores/rank). And damn, don't sound effects rock? Wooshes make every mediocre effect seem just a little bit snazzier. Giddy up. Oh and speaking of snazzy...

Should've mentioned this the last entry...
My very first CG object. I had to find a program, and learn it from scratch to make that spinning ball a reality. It may seem simple to all of you (and now that I know how to do it, it is), but it felt like walking into an airplane cockpit and having to land it. Thankfully I was able to pull it off and I have to say, it's the icing on the cake. Something about that simple movement on-screen at all times adds a touch of professionalism that a flat object would've lacked. Again, one of those ideas you get in your head that you can't move forward without completing.
...my head anyway.
As for the two games housed within, freaking Tyson....
I'm already getting beaten at my own game, right off the bat, first friggin' game of the entire series... and he does my make-up at the same time.
I had to laugh at the showmanship of it, but I can't tell you how badly you want to perform well, knowing this was really "it". Thankfully, the editor in me has no ego, and was happy to make me look the fool. Yes, Cameron edited this. :-) Good shit.
In the second game, that first play is really a sign of things to come. THAT is four square and honestly, that's why I merged Episodes 2 & 3. For the first "game playing" episode, I had to have a play in there that showed the rhythm of the sport. THe problem with some of the earlier games is that it's clear who the new people are. As we progress, the level of play ratchets up exponentially and it's really gripping. Thankfully, the personalities hold the whole thing together, and even though the level of competition may not be top notch in the first couple of episodes, some of the shit that happens between players is just classic. And for the record, Jefe really is 50 (now 51). We should all be so lucky to play so well in our 50s. Jesus.
Alright, so I hope that gives everyone a feel for how things will go. As far as I'm concerned, the series really starts next week when we're introduced to the one and only JT. The man you swear must be playing a character... unless you actually come to my house on Sundays and play with him when the cameras aren't there. I wouldn't be half as excited about this series if it wasn't for JT. And JT and the model together? Gold. Pure gold.
Game on. Happy Easter.