Entry #1022
12:27 PM, April 2nd, 2010:
Whew. Just the mention of the name makes me wince a bit. Let's just get it out of the way, shall we?
"America's Got Talent"
(sigh). That 10 entry series frrom 2006 that just ripped me a new asshole and nearly drowned me had it not been for Living Room Live. So you don't have to try and figure it out, I was booked on the show, and then pulled within 24 hours without a reason. To this day, don't know why. It strung on and on, and I ended up quitting my job to focus on it and lost everything. I watched the first show and was just completely disheartened by how tacky it came off and really have never returned to the concept of that show...
...until I called Daniel. Let us introduce Daniel. Daniel McCoy takes us all the way back to Entry #345, in the summer of 2004. The Trinitrons 3 shoot, when Adam fired the group and actors replaced 'em. Daniel is the first goofy white dude trying to act like G. I actually still have quite the soft-spot for this show, and loved being able to pull off the ending live. (Adam gets stuffed in the TV, and Cameron walks out). Fun times.
He got really busy after that, I got really divorced... and we lost touch. Cut to nearly 6 years later and I'm watching Ellen (a show he worked on) and I just wondered what the hell he was up to.
...that, and come on - I'm desperate as fuck right now and need help. I really, really, really need help. I'm calling all contacts, calling all favors. I'm out of ideas, spinning like crazy - and the bottom line was, Daniel and I used to laugh a whole bunch. I actually met him when I was workin' at the chiropractor's office and... fuck you know what's so weird? That period of my life actually is yellow and green because of The Journey colors. How bizarre is this? I have permanently changed my memory. ALl of my memories are now The Journey. Not immediately of course, but after about 5 or 6 years? Christ that's just strange. Rambling, sorry...
So I find his number through a gmail search, and just call him out of the blue. Come to find out, he thought I had sold the house and moved to NY. I do love this about The Journey. Depending on which entries you happen upon? You create an entirely different story. So let's say, you happened on the one entry in 2005 where I wanted to move, skipped over the next entry where I just couldn't bear to leave my dogs - then jumped a year and saw the Central Park video with Donna? You put it all together... I moved to New York, found a new love - and all is happy. Oh the stories that dear reader has missed. But I like that story. I actually wanna hear that one. :-)
Daniel is an audio guru who is now working with Idol, and of course America's Got Talent. He simply said he could hook me up directly with one of the producers and it's now this entry. This is something most people just wouldn't mention until there was more info - but every once and awhile you get that feeling in your gut. And it's a moment where you have to ask yourself:  "You ready to put your energies in this direction?" The 4tvs act, in cute little 2 minute vignettes was perfect for that show. I have no doubt that now, in HD with flat screens (along with the fact that I can do the characters every week with my wigs, etc), this would get on the air and do well. There's some hurdles to jump, an assload of money to put up again as I did with Comedy Central (but was able to return the stuff, not so this time), but again, you just kinda know where this is heading. This is one of those phone calls. If I jump on this it will take up a good chunk of my life (and credit) putting it together.
So what do I do? I write it on The Journey, and upload it as fast as I possibly can so I have no choice but to do it. This will hold me accountable. I meet with Daniel in about a week, when he gets back in town.
Now, onto the rest of the people I've ever known in what has become the tethered ends of my rope. Calling all contacts. Calling all contacts. Come in contacts...
PS - for those wondering about the "April Fools" joke, I was rather lame this year, since I just launched the FOUR website. Truth be told, I'm too down to have fun with it this year. However, I did have some fun on Facebook:
And the truth is? That is the truth. I am still married. The paperwork still hasn't gone through with Donna. So, ha! :-)