Entry #1005
11:11 PM - January 24th, 2010...
Alright, so I've been clearly taking a little break from The Journey. <huge smile> Talking about Late Night, the president... no new videos - yes, the race to 1000 clearly kicked my ass and I am tired. Also, I don't have a working HD camera and I refuse to go back to SD, but that'll be figured out this coming week. However, that which fuels The Journey has continued and is actually quite exciting, I just haven't been reporting on everything. I figure it's time to lay down every "lead" that might shape 2010 and beyond...
Almond Talent Agency - I mentioned at the end of November that I got an actual agent (Paradigm sorta hip pocketed me for just the Comedy Central deal) and I went out for my first audition on Wednesday (B-Roll for DirecTV, to be used in their promos, etc - generic "guys cheering for sports") and actually got a callback for it. That's a good ratio. :-) Means very little for "The Journey" but it would mean some money, and more importantly getting a callback on your first audition looks good to the agency and will get me out more. The callback is tomorrow, giddy-up.
Steve Friedman (former vp of mornings at CBS guy who gave me my big break) - Well lookee there. Yes, it occured to me that the company Steve started in March 2008, might be interested in the Comedy Central Pilot. They package and sell content to networks and I never had anything this specific before to give him. Now I do. I gave him a call and mailed the DVD out to him last Tuesday. Very happy I own the pilot 100%. It allows things like this to happen.
Avalon through Vince McKewin - Another potential home for the pilot. Vince is a writer, and Teryn's husband. Journey-wise, Teryn was mentioned last year as the lady who had the connection to Seth Rogen through his assistant? Also how I was introduced to Ann Walker... either way - she and her husband are thankfully anti-computer-capable, so they hire me from time to fix stuff for 'em. Oooh oooh... and Teryn was also friends with the women I worked for last year, thus the Weller-Grossman connection. It's all one big incestuous network. Vince may be working with Avalon for one of his pilot ideas, and they do a lot of stuff overseas. They take a lot of American shows, start them on the BBC in the UK and have had quite a bit of success. Vince has the DVD to give to them, and I hope to sit down and talk to them soon. Again, having a completed pilot that I own, sure makes initial meetings easier. Far less to "sell".
"The Journey" show in NY - Gordon, the web-wunderkind, is trying to make this a reality for his college (Queens in NY) and with that show I hope to put together a bit of a promo package. Oh, this may be confusing to you - the #1000 show? I want to do that in a college setting with a Q&A about blogging and how it's fuckin with the way our brains process events, etc. I think I've mentioned that. So Gordon is helping and I will bug him a bunch. This hopefully leads to a bigger "lecture circuit"...
"The Journey" show, across the country, college style - Doubling up this effort, Gary Helsinger (longtime friend out here, and works at Universal Music Group) has a friend who is a manager. Among other things, one of his friend's client's does the college lecture circuit. So this guy has managed that type of thing, and I'm telling you - the right contacts? This is a shoe-in. You don't need to be famous to pull this off as long as you have an interesting angle/moniker. "World's first and longest running video blogger" is certainly one of those monikers. So I gave Gary a DVD of the show as one long documentary adding some voice overs to the parts I left "open" during the performane on the 2nd, and he too will have to deal with my annoying ass. :-)
Tammy Caputo (woman who ran "Living Room Live" at CBS) - Man, CBS just makin' a comeback huh? Tammy left CBS last year and is kinda taking a break from all things "TV" for a bit, but I know she'll find her way back in soon enough. I sent her "The Journey" documentary DVD as well, 'cause 1) I just want her to see it, but 2) 'cause it's one of those stories that is just meant to be spotlighted in some way. It's a little hazy now, since not a whole lot has come of it other than my own self-spinning, but the pieces are there.
What's coming:
Jim Sharp, Comedy Central - I have stalled on this a long time, but he said he'd take my copy of the pilot and I wanted to make sure I explained the Weller-Grossman debacle better before I gave it to him. Then the holidays hit, and now we're staring at February. In actuality though, it was probably better to let time pass here. The opening is still there to reconnect since he said he wanted the DVD, and I will use this week to work on the letter about how things went down with W/G. It really was a nightmare and I labored over the choices ad infinitum. As we all know, to the detriment of the entire process. Should've called Jim directly, immediately. Lesson learned. I will knock out that letter to him, and deliver the DVD. If anything, I believe I'll be considered for something on that network this year.
Finishing From 1 to 1000 - Lost in everything at the moment is of course finishing the Adam 2000 / Adam 2010 portions of the movie (where I show Adam 2000 the entire Journey) - to complete the docu-drama. It's just a lot to wrap my head around right now, but I'm sure the inspiration will hit me. I really want to have it done for the April 1st premiere in Columbus, but with the whole "Ravi Situation" blow-up (conclusion soon, along with the unlocking of that entry), it's all left a bad taste in my mouth. Meh. The bulk is done however. Nothing an ambitious weekend can't solve... though I'm at a loss on how to find that right now...
The Journey from 1990-1995 - I've hinted at this for awhile now, but it just may be a reality. Although unbelieveably graphic and embarrassing - I'm probably going to piece together 1990-1995 in "Journey Format" with my high school tape journal that I kept. Those 230 entries, plus plenty of video and pictures, should make for an interesting documentation of those years. As for the really cringe-worthy audio entries? Lock 'em. You all have to be asking why, and all I can say is - it just helps me. It's pretty much all I have left in a sense. My life, in this format, keeps me going. If I'm gonna be a guinea pig, I might as well give everything...except all the graphic sexual things I did as a teenager. And how wonderfully excited I was about all of them. HAAAAAAAAA. I mean, it's slightly endearing, but maybe when I'm 70. Video-wise, it's full of nice little gems like this...
Nearly 20 years ago, certain of my future. Pardon me while I go find some crack.