Entry #1004
3:44 PM - January 21st, 2010...
This was supposed to be an entry about Obama's first year. About me being in DC a year ago with a hopin my step during Obama's first day on the job. The fact that my biggest disappointments a year later have nothing to do with him... and then today's ruling. Then again, I guess that's perfect. Because what, the fuck, just happened?
In case you haven't heard yet, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 to basically lift every regulation on how corporations can donate money to campaigns/politicians, etc. I mean, it's not like they didn't find ways around the regulations before, but this opens the door in a way that's so egregious, so clearly the opposite of what our democracy was founded on... and why? 'Cause they ruled corporations have a right to free speech just like individuals do? HUH? Corporations get to use our bill of rights? Did I just wake up in some future world we were told about as kids? I'm about as hopeless to the system now as I've ever been. The two-party system has always been the bain of my existence because of the amount of money and lobbyists involved, and now this? Is this going to become like college football? The Tostitos Democratic Primary? Like Nascar with stickers? Are candidates gonna have Nike Swooshes on their lapels?
Of course not, it's still going to be somewhat hidden, but the president and congress had better get their shit together IMMEDIATELY to throw down some regulations. Do you realize that with all the money in the last presidential campaign (a BILLION) that was 1/10th of Exxon profits. Meaning in one check they could literally negate everything. One company. One check. What the fuck. It was the best thing I felt came out of the last campaign. The internet changed everything. 3 million DIFFERENT donors to Obama's campaign alone. It finally felt like the people were involved, and it mattered. This ruling destroys that. I'm completely stunned right now. Fuck health care, fuck agendas, this is the entire system. Why the FUCK was the vote 5 republicans against 4 democrats?!?!? WHY IS THIS PARTISAN? WHAT THE HELL. I mean, I ask that somewhat rhetorically, because we all have our opinions, but I just can't fathom how you can support the government we have right now. We're heading towards some sort of revolution where people straight up take down big business...
...that is, if people even bothered to give a shit. Honestly? I think the majority of the electorate would LOVE it if Walmart sponsored a candidate. "Hey, I like Walmart, and if they like Bob? Bob it is. You bet prices will stay low if BOB GETS IN." Fucking hell. I guess this is a perfect lead in for all that I'm really disappointed in a year later...
I define disappointment as expecting one thing, and getting another. And somehow, I'm actually disappointed in... the media. I don't know how they continue to get worse, but they do. A couple weeks back when Rachel Maddow, with a smile, called the Christmas day bomber the "fruit of the boom" bomber like that was fucking cute or something I nearly threw my remote at her face. Don't you DARE try and lessen the severity of that security fuck up just because our president is a Democrat. WHO DOES THAT SERVE? I'll get into that security disaster at the end, but in general the media on both sides is so unbelievably self-serving, it's nearly unwatchable. Fox? Well it takes a lot for them to disappoint me, but leave it to the disaster in Haiti to show just how evil they can be. Not only did they barely cover it at the beginning, not only did they actually spend time debating if Obama was reacting TOO QUICKLY to the tragedy in comparison to his first comments on the Christmas Day bomber, they created the saddest situation I've seen in a long time: the infamous "family"...
There's a family that is angry that their kids haven't been found in Haiti. They are angry at the US government for creating all these miracles for the Haitians (they see THOSE people pulled out, but not their kids), but have actually replied with: "where's OUR miracle?". I won't blame those parents, because I know they're going through some shit right now - and there's a very good reason for them to feel this way: divisive media. It's all conservative media EVER DOES. Divide. Constantly divide. Like Limbaugh saying why should we help, we already donated to them with our income taxes. It's evil. It's anti-human. Fox, by choosing to politicize a tragedy has made it reasonable for this family to be angry that THEIR KID WASN'T FOUND OUT OF 200,000 bodies. Can you imagine, any family yelling at the government during 9/11 for not finding an individual body fast enough? Seriously. Think about the scope of 9/11 compared to that. EVERYONE understood just how bad it was. But show a bunch of black people in rubble? Some people's brains just short-circuit. Suddenly it doesn't look that bad. "I mean, how can you tell there's been an earthquake in a 3rd world country? It already looks dilapidated!" The media feeds our perceptions. And the divisive fear mongering by the right continues to such a degree, I'm stunned at the effectiveness. Therefore this family thinks it's completely acceptable to demand "answers" for why our government isn't doing enough to find THEIR children out of the 1/4 MILLION dead. It sickens me. And now other news organizations are picking up on the story after they went on (where else) Fox News first. It's irresponsible to even publicize this one family with the amount of tragedy going on there. Just compare it to 9/11 and how everyone understood how "big" that mess was, and that some bodies will never be found... and then realize just how SMALL that area was in comparison and that there were just 3,000 deaths on 9/11. PERSPECTIVE. And it's the MEDIA'S JOB to supply PERSPECTIVE to those of us who aren't able to GO to Haiti right now. FUCK.
Next up for my disappointments? The sheep that elected the man in the first place. The ones that haven't the slightest idea how government works, who is responsible for what, and the processes involved. Again, part of that ignorance needs to be filled in by the media - but some common knowledge sure would be appreciated. Some memory of past administrations, please? But hell, can we even have some memory of the campaign? I had a friend tell me he was disappointed that he didn't pull out of Afghanistan and that he didn't reverse the marriage equality Act for gays. And I'M disappointed you didn't LISTEN to the man you elected who stated CLEARLY he was against gay marriage and unequivocally that Afghanistan was the "right war" and he would funnel resources there and away from Iraq. How did people drink the kool-aid SO much on this guy? How were they so in love with him, that they ignored everything he said? I mean, I still think he's incredible, so clearly I'm drinkin' a bit still, but at least I'm listening and observing. And I will spit his shit out from time to time when he messes up. But to be up in arms about the bank bailout (which he didn't do, Bush did-though any president would have been forced to do the same thing) or Afghanistan or gay marriage is just ignorant. You're just not doin' your homework, and then you're blaming the teacher.
...but I still blame the media. It's the only reason the polls are against health care now. They were gung-ho a year ago. But if it takes too much time? Or has too many concessions? Ahhh, kill it. Then again, the democrats are such political rejects what's the point?
Amazingly, even though I had hardly any faith in them whatsoever? I am actually disappointed in the Democrats. Really? You're bitching and moaning about losing your super-majority? Really? 'Cause it was workin' SO WELL FOR YOU before? 'CAUSE YOU GOT SOOOOOO much done? Jesus. Shut up already. Obama gave those idiots way too much credit for being capable and it will cost him dearly. He was damned either way, had he come out headstrong like Clinton in '93 it never would've gotten this far, but the Dems dropped the ball BIG TIME and they're gonna pay this fall. Which, of course, is knee-jerk and stupid. It's been a year! Where's the CHANGE!?!?! So we continually replace incumbents ad infinitum insuring nothing gets done.
I would say I'm disappointed in the Republicans, but it would be naive. Why not just say "no" over and over until the next election and laugh at how little the Democrats could do? This is all about winning the next election right? And when you have your own news network to support you? That branches out into radio, tv, print and internet? It's a cycle that will continue forever as long as the people allow it. So I'm not disappointed in the Repugnants. At least they're consistently divisive and black and white. Seriously, no shades of grey in that pool. I don't mean conservatives by the way, I mean those that chose to have an "R" next to their name. They're a different breed.
Of course it comes down to President Obama and I gotta say, other than one incident, he's been everything I could've hoped for as a leader considering the impossible situation he was thrown into. Let me get to the incident...
The Christmas day bomber was ON OUR LISTS. We knew him. He was a suspect. Because the two databases don't overlap, we let him on a plane with a bomb that he was able to ignite. Thankfully, something faulty made him only hurt himself, but this is an absolute disaster security-wise. WASNT OBAMA SUPPOSED TO BE THE TECHNOLOGY PRESIDENT? A database? A fucking EXCEL SPREADSHEET would've prevented this. We already had his name. The dude's dad was WARNING US. Hire MARK ZUCKER (Facebook founder, ran part of Obama's campaign) to fix that shit already. I CAN WRITE THE CODE FOR THAT ONE. I just can't believe it. He wasn't on the "no-fly" list, just on a different list, but the TSA and the CIA and the FBI don't talk to each other? They don't share information? WHAT THE FUCK. And the response? The area that everyone focused on after? The new body-scanners we need that can determine your NUT size yet still miss most explosives. This is where the media determined the story was.
The story wasn't how the machines missed the explosives; the story is how we allowed a guy on a terror list onto our plane without pulling him aside for some UBER-CHECK. That was the only story. How in fuck's sake can these agencies not be cooperating. How can they not be sharing a SPREADSHEET for crying out loud. GODDDDDDDDDDDDAMNIT. Huge black-eye for the Obama Administration in my opinion. Do it, NOW. I'm not saying everyone on every list shouldn't be able to fly, but they sure as fuck should be interviewed and screened like no other... THEN if they still get through? It's an issue with the machines we're using and the techniques, etc.
Ahem. Sorry. That shit angers me. I fly CONSTANTLY. Use technology. Allow those that ticket passengers to cross check their names for fuck's sake.
Otherwise? All I can say negative is that Obama believed too much in the goodness of the Republicans to play along. He tried so hard to be bi-partisan at the beginning it looks like he was drinking his OWN kool-aid. Hillary never would've done that. And something tells me, we'd have a healthcare bill right now. Sorry, has to be said. Then again, she's SO POLARIZING, that's a longshot as well. But she certainly wouldn't have faulted on the side of believing in the Republicans. That much is certain. On a worldwide level though, Obama has been an incredible representative of our country. As I mentioned so often during the 2008 campaign, this isn't about my own policies, ideas, agendas because I don't believe anyone will ever be in office that shares those with me. I gave that up a loooooooong time ago. My hope has always been somehow breaking the 2-party system for good, and I just don't believe I'll see it in my lifetime. No, the presidency for me is about having someone who is competent, can express thoughts in a coherent manner and is clearly trying to help bring people together. That's what leading the free world means to me. We're all one big group, and your actions have to bring cohesiveness...
And that's how I have to end this entry. Think about it. Anyone who doesn't agree with me, think about what we're really arguing about right now. Obama's actions have nearly unanimously been about helping. His biggest undertaking right now, health care, is at its core about helping. Not dividing. That's the direction we have to go in as a society. Have to. We can't give into fear. It's what kills me about the grassroots tear party bullshit. It's surrounded by fear and hate. I'm not saying they don't have points, and I'm not saying that health care isn't a bureaucratic debacle. I'm saying at our core, we HAVE to fault with love. We HAVE to fault with helping. 'Cause if we play into our fears? If we focus on hate? We're done. So because of that, and because I don't presently have a working HD camera, I will repost my video from last year. So fucking sue me, I'm a bit burnt out after my race to 1000. I promise you new content in the next entry on Sunday. SOOOOOOO MUCH TO TELL!!!!
Still feel that. Still proud of him. Still think his competence level is staggering. Still think our government is broken and needs to be rebuilt from the ground up. It's a contradiction for sure. But so is life.