Entry #1001
11:45 PM - January 3rd, 2010...
You have to freaking be kidding me.
That's today. 10 years and 1 day from the moment in Entry #1, from a different angle and guaranteed to warp my memory (and Jess and Marty's) for the rest of our lives. Seriously, look at this:
How awesome did that turn out? None of that is final btw, I completely put that together for the entry, but that should've required sooooooo much manpower. SOOOOO many logistics. So many takes, and so much work... and in reality it was the 2nd hotel Marty and I went to and the first and only take we had as the manager was pissed at us and made us leave. There's certainly flaws, and with more time we could've been exacting... but for the purposes of the movie? It's perfect. More than perfect. It's skin crawlingly eerie and as I mentioned before, I believe will (in time) screw with our memories of the event.
For those just jumpin' in on this roller coaster. I'm putting together a film where 2010 Adam goes into Entry #1, grabs 2000 Adam, and tells him the entire Journey up to that point... then the next morning we see what 2000 Adam chooses to do. It's probably the best example of making a positive out of 10 years of failures I can possibly think of and literally didn't know the ending until I was in the car filming the ending. I was that torn. I'm extremely happy with how it all turned out and really can see this having a cult following in time. I just don't know of anyone with such a vulnerably documented 10 year period, and the movie turns into a reality version of Back to the Future and It's a Wonderful Life. Really intriguing stuff.
What's not so intriguing unfortunately is just how difficult the whole "reliving the past" aspect of the past couple weeks has been, not only for me, but for Jess. This is shit you just don't do folks. It'd be like us re-enacting our wedding day. No matter how positive we are about the outcome being correct, there's ALWAYS gonna be feelings involved and in many ways Entry #1 symbolized everything for me and Jess. The start of The Journey is absolutely a team effort. The entries were signed:  Jess & Adam. So dressing up identically and going through the motions is some sort of twisted, man. I can't thank Jess enough for indulging in it all, because truth be told it has produced some sleepless nights. I also had her watch parts of last night's show early to make sure she was cool with them and that too is just draining. There was actually some videos/songs she never saw from that period so talk about reliving the pain. Goddamn. And of course the stuff she had seen, simply doesn't fade in time. I've mentioned this before, but it's something fairly new to our generation and something I'm sure the first generation after cheap "still pictures" had to go through. 100 years ago? You had no reminders of your youth anywhere near as intense as a photograph. You couldn't be a woman aging in her 40s, happen upon your prom picture and hit that certain level of depression. We can blame depression on diet and societal progress all we want, but the simple invention of photography and exponentially so, video... has affected our society greatly. Now throw in the ability to be your own movie studio? To shoot your own personal auto-documentary nearly day in and day out? We are drastically affecting the way our brains process. We are far more introspective than anyone but the most eccentric of people were in centuries past, and it can absolutely stunt our actions. Whereas many are predisposed to mental illness due to chemistry, anyone on the line? I guarantee that access to "the way we were" puts people over the edge. It certainly makes "dreamers and artists" FARRRRRRR more emotional and susceptible to depression. I'm sure I'm not the first to think of it, but I certainly feel like the posterchild considering I've done a video blog longer than anyone. And believe me, the "blog" portion of that (meaning sharing it with the world) is a crucial part of the process. It magnifies every personal flaw to such a degree that I wouldn't be surprised if no one (and I do mean no one), ever chronicles their own life to this degree for this long of a period. It has to become self-destructive at some point. And the thought of doing it "forever" will be so overwhelming, 99.9% won't even consider starting. Certainly is a fascinating quandry.
Man I'm off the subject here. I've decided I'm gonna devote Entry #1002 to all the behind the scenes stuff from #1000 and #1001 considering there's so much. Nothing funnier than watching Jess look like she's 5 because I'm yelling at the manager to let us do at least ONE take of the J-Dog smuggle. Clearly she's not used to getting in trouble the way I always do. :-) Thank God we got to do one take though. It certainly did work - and there's a reason Marty looked really nervous. LMAO. Love it. Oh and Ravi from The Continent... so much insanity...
...like the continuing shitty weather. Snow is one thing, temperatures in the teens totally different. When Marty says: "It's pretty chilly", you know it's cold. That guy has his AC running in November. Ready for the 70 degree temperatures at home. I leave Wednesday. So this is probably the last entry from Columbus. I've been here lonoger than I ever have since the 90s. Whew.